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Buy Homerwood Online

Build your career with HomerWood and be a part of the team that manufactures the finest American-made hardwood floors. Interested applicants can apply online through our parent company - AHF Products. Click here to apply.

buy homerwood online

The best places to buy hardwood flooring are big box stores, trusted online retailers, and your local flooring specialists. Big box stores are best for budget flooring, online retailers are best for convenience (and prices), and local flooring stores are great for advice and a greater selection of products.

Specialist retailers who only operate online also offer a large range of products and, as they have much lower overheads, great discounts as well. Certain smaller niche manufacturers also sell direct.

Finally, for the largest choice of wood flooring, you can browse major manufacturers online and then find a local small flooring retailer to order from. Prices might be slightly higher but you often get better, more personalized service from a small family run local retailer.

Wayfair is a very interesting online retailer that you should take a look at, they sell over 7 million products for the home from over 7000 suppliers, including of course hardwood flooring. We saw close to (a staggering) 2200 hardwood products on offer, including all the most popular brands and styles, with prices ranging from $2.87 to $20.45 per square foot. A great place to start your research if nothing else!

South Cyprus is another online flooring retailer that we really like. Their website is a pleasure to browse with a great layout and great images that will definitely get your design inspiration juices flowing! They have a good selection of hardwoods from established brands like Anderson, Columbia, Mannington, Mohawk, Mullican and more. And what they lack in quantity they make up for in quality choices with prices between $2.70 to $12.79.

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