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2. We have had numerous problems with SAM that do not seem exclusive to us, remote show script keeps dropping out, crackling when using SAM Live, on Reboot SAM will not connect to the database whether it's Firebird or SQL, SAM will not restart after system reboot requiring a complete re-install of SAM, encoders stopping for no reason at all, plus various other issues. Now I could cope with these problems if SAM was free but we paid for this software which is flaky to say the least.

We tried using it for Live broadcasts in our other studio and it froze, cracked and popped and crashed, so why installed it on another PC and it ran OKish for a couple of weeks and then did the same again.

A lot of issues with the sound may be caused by the sound card and the buffer settings - we always keep SAM on silent output, so the internal sound card (or lack therof in my case - we're running SAM on a remote VM on my server) doesn't affect anything. And the buffer settings are very important - we've set ours high, maybe too high, but we don't have any issues with sound or crackling and popping.

I find the accusations laid down on here quite frankly awful. Suggesting someone is running a pirated copy of SAM when they are not is simply not on. Spacial only have themselves to blame for the amount of cracked copies of SAM that are out there.


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