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[S5E15] Ronnie Chase

CarnieGeneralFull nameUnknownGenderMaleResides inChicago, IllinoisOccupationCarnival Booth WorkerAppearanceEye colorBrownHair colorBlackRelationshipsEnemiesChelsea Grayson Levi GraysonAffiliationsThe Navy Pier Carnival MidwayProductionSeason (s)1Appears inThe Bearer of Dad NewsPortrayed byJordan BlackThe Carnie was first seen setting up his "Hoop! There It Is," basketball booth at the Navy Pier Carnival Midway. He goes into his well-practiced gaming spiel after he spots two rubes approaching, a redheaded woman with a small boy wearing a naval hat, who audibly points out the Admiral Snuggles giant teddy bear hanging on the prize wall. To further hook in his targets, the Carnie casually flips the mini basketball backwards over his shoulder through the hoop to demonstrate how simple his game appears to be. The woman, clearly intent on winning the bear as a prize, slaps down a dollar and demands the ball. The Carnie obliges, but despite the woman's best efforts, she cannot make a basket. The Carnie mockingly tells his victim that she is close to winning, but clearly not close enough. This causes the small boy to note that the Carnie is not a happy person. Letting his genial facade slip for a moment, the Carnie describes his life to the kid and asks his opinion. Unbeknownst to his female customer, every time she shoots a ball, the Carnie secretly moves a lever which causes the entire hoop to subtly move laterally a few millimeters to one side, causing her to always miss. On the last dollar, the small boy insists on taking the final shot. As the Carnie leans backward for the hidden switch, the boy beans him from behind with the ball causing the Carnie to fall over out of the booth into a pile of plush toy prizes. With the Carnie temporarily incapacitated, the pair abscond with Admiral Snuggles in tow. Quickly getting back to his feet, the Carnie chases the fleeing figures throughout the various Navy Pier attractions including the "Wind Tickler," but fails to catch the fugitives who bested him.The Carnie was played by Jordan Black.

[S5E15] Ronnie Chase

BouncerGeneralFull nameUnknownGenderMaleResides inChicago, IllinoisOccupationBouncer at The VaultAppearanceEye colorBrownRelationshipsAffiliationsThe VaultProductionSeason (s)1Appears inAdventures in Mommy-SittingPortrayed byReginald BallardThe Bouncer was doing his job, guarding the entrance to his club, The Vault when he encounters Raven and Chelsea. While Chelsea has her identification, Raven does not, and the Bouncer initially refuses to let her in, but eventually, against his better judgment, and tired of Raven's wheedling, he allows her to enter with Chelsea. Later, he stops a group of under-aged kids from entering the club, and subsequently sends a suspiciously timed delivery away. He soon discovers that the kids from before have successfully infiltrated his club and has to chase them down. When he discovers Chelsea and Raven nearly starting a fight, he decides that their night out is over, and not so gently escorts the pair out of his club. The Bouncer was played by Reginald Ballard.

GloriaGeneralGenderFemaleResides inChicago, IllinoisAppearanceEye colorBrownHair colorBrownRelationshipsFriendsCarmichael (Pet Cat)ProductionSeason (s)2First EpisodeThe Falcon and The Raven - Part TwoLatest EpisodeAll Sewn UpPortrayed byGabby SanalitroGloria was a resident of Chicago. Once when her cat, Carmichael had to see a vet, and Gloria pushed her way into a Scüt vehicle on the curb. Although the driver initially complained, a one-hundred-dollar bill changed her mind. When the car stopped in front of Polar Bear Pizza, Gloria pointed out that it was not the vet's office, but the driver says they need to make a pit stop, and the boy with her states that a falcon owes them money. Gloria's warning that Carmichael hates falcons is too late, as Carmichael dashes through the open window after the bird outside. As the driver bemoans how her day could get worse, Gloria snatches back the Ben Franklin and chases after her cat. Several weeks later, Gloria and the driver have another encounter, as Gloria accuses the driver of leaving the window open leading to Carmichael nearly being hit in traffic chasing after that falcon, but the driver jokes that Carmichael looks like he still has about eight lives left. Gloria then spots a folder which states "Ask Me About My Pet Portraits," with the driver's picture, and is impressed by what she sees. The driver humbly states that painting is just a hobby. Gloria states that she will pay five hundred dollars for a Carmichael portrait. The driver asks for a crayon, saying she is ready to start right that second. Within a week, the portrait is finished, and in the final sitting, at the Baxters' apartment, Raven looks into Carmichael's eyes, and notes they are a bit rheumy, before adding her final strokes. Just then her kids enter, distracting Raven for the moment, as she takes them and the portrait into the kitchen. Eventually, Gloria grows concerned, and enters the kitchen to check on the painting. Raven shows her the portrait, stating that it might not exactly be what was expected. Gloria agrees, declaring that it is even better, as she never expected Raven to beautifully capture the tearful expression Carmichael has when Gloria leaves, so "purr-fectly." She can hardly believe she is only paying $500 for such a masterpiece. Raven tells her to tell all her friends about it and Gloria promises she will.Gloria was played by Gabby Sanalitro.

Richard MoseleyGeneralFull nameRichard MoseleyGenderMaleResides inChicago, IllinoisOccupationBusiness MagnateAppearanceEye colorBrownHair colorBrownRelationshipsFamilyMitch Moseley (son)Affiliations352 Hauser Avenue (Owner)ProductionSeason (s)2Appears inCop To ItPortrayed byMatt CorboyRichard Moseley was the business magnate who purchased 352 Hauser Avenue from the Jablonskis. To introduce himself to the tenants, he organizes a meeting on the rooftop of the property. After identifying himself, he announces that he would be not just the landlord, but a neighbor as well, as he is moving into a penthouse on the fourth floor. Nia then presents him with a list of suggested improvements, and Richard states that the new building manager, his right-hand man, Mitch, will deal with it. Mitch is then revealed to be Richard's twelve-year-old son. As soon as Mitch takes over the podium, Richard departs, leaving all subsequent building matters squarely in Mitch's hands.Richard Moseley was played by Matt Corboy.

Captain Hook: Aye! But being chased by that crocodile Tick-Tock! That cursed beast liked the taste of me so well... he's followed me ever since Peter Pan cut off me left hand and fed it to him, licking his chops... for the rest of me.

Bill Jukes: I was just a kid when the Captain took me inAnd he showed the life of a sailorTurk: How were we to know that the pesky Peter PanWould evade the Captain for so long?Starkey: Our mission is complete and revenge is so sweetNow we're sailing out to rob and plunderAll Pirates Together: It's a pirate's life for me, we can sail the seven seasOh, hail, Captain Hook, 'cause we never have to chase the kid again!

With that, the two went to bed as they fell fast asleep, and what they didn't see or hear is that Captain Hook was still swimming and trying to run away from Tick-Tock the Crocodile as not only Mr. Smee and the pirates tried to chase after them, but the stuffed Barney winked at the viewers.

Musician Jacob Hardy (Nicholas Lea) is strolling with his fiancee Kara Delaney (Stacy Grant) when a meteor explodes over the city. One of the tiny fireballs which rain down seems to chase Jacob, striking him down and penetrating his skull, instantly killing him. Medical Examiner Dr. Ian Michaels (Tom Irwin) conducts the autopsy with the help of his assistant, Ollie Gibb (Don MacKay). He finds an unusual bullet-like projectile lodged in the victim's brain. Moments after removing the object, the hole in Hardy's skull begins to emit an eerie light, and a horrific tentacle emerges, thrashing briefly before retreating back into the wound. And, more astonishing still, the corpse sits bolt upright, shoves the coroners aside and escapes into the night. Ian, shaken, reports the bizarre events to homicide investigator Lt. Joseph Dane (Bill Smitrovich), who is skeptical to say the least. The mystery deepens, when during a visit to his comatose wife (a long-term victim of

Having tricked their way out of jail, the gang head to the wax museum, but fail to stop the theft of the genuine blueprints. At Buckingham Palace, they save the crown jewels and finally unmask the culprit after a rooftop chase.

The real kidnapper pays the gang a dollar to deliver a ransom note and a pigeon to Mr Wallingford (William Gillespie). The pigeon, which was to have delivered the ransom money, escapes. Wallingford and the gang chase it, first by car, then by biplane.

Matthew visits 221B, Baker Street, to find that Holmes and Watson are Sooty and Sweep. Sherlock Sooty takes Matthew's fingerprints. He and Dr Whatsit agree to stake out the shop that night to catch the honey burglar, resulting in a chase after a renegade cardboard box, before the thief is put on trial. 041b061a72


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