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Havoc OS Android 10 For Tecno Spark 2 KA7 (1GB And 2GB)

some of the popular apps which are used to clone multiple accounts are phonefun & smerch, appcloner and app2sd. the ones mentioned here are in the list of best apps on the market. make sure to download the ones that are compatible with your android os. most of these apps give you a complete clone of apps which means they will allow you to make backup of all your apps. the backup app will take up some of your storage space but it is still worth it.

Havoc OS Android 10 For Tecno Spark 2 KA7 (1GB And 2GB)

while these apps are very easy to use, it is always better to keep your phone updated with the latest software. these apps will allow you to do that, and also, you will get to know about the new features of the android operating system. do remember that these apps allow you to save all your apps and data in your mobile which makes it possible to switch to other os if there is any problem with your phone. but, if you want to keep your android operating system up to date, you can always use an android emulator which is a software that allows you to run android applications on your pc.

here is how you install apps on a rooted android. root your phone first. download the app from the market. after downloading, extract the.apk file to the root of your internal memory. open your phones adb (adb shell) and enter the following command in the shell and press enter:

  • wifi-direct is a wifi connection technique that allows you to connect two or more wifi-enabled devices directly to each other without the need for an access point. it is a peer-to-peer connection and it's supported by both android 4.4 (kitkat) and newer versions of android. when wifi-direct is enabled, a connection is established between the two devices. once the connection is established, data can be transferred directly between the two devices. the peer device must be running wifi-direct-enabled apps. the following apps are listed in the play store as wifi-direct enabled apps: airdroid

  • droidtext

  • logmein ignition

  • nimbuzz

  • sling media player

  • sling player


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