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[S1E7] Full Count _BEST_

West Valley City police launched an exhaustive effort to scan hundreds of old hard rock mines in the days immediately following the disappearance of Susan Cox Powell on Dec. 7, 2009. The full extent of that search, which began in earnest on Dec. 16, 2009, has never previously been disclosed.

[S1E7] Full Count

John Emshwiller: Skilling walked in with his lead lawyer, Daniel Petrocelli, smiling, confident. Petrocelli had already made a name for himself by successfully suing OJ Simpson in connection with the wrongful deaths of Ronald Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson. In a previous criminal trial Simpson had been acquitted of their murders. The defense team was followed by the three lead prosecutors from the Enron task force, Sean Berkowitz, Kathryn Ruemmler, and John Hueston.

John Emshwiller: You're listening at season one of Bad Bets, the story of Enron's collapse. This is episode seven, The Trial. Prosecutor John Hueston had the floor first. In his opening statement, he cut to the chase. This was a simple case, and it wasn't about accounting.

John Emshwiller: Though the quarter was already over, Hueston told the jury that Skilling instructed some senior execs to pull some cash out of reserve accounts and call it earnings, to bump up that per share number.

John Hueston: And what he effectively did is he asked the executives to reach into that cookie jar of reserves and find two pennies, bring them out of the cookie jar, add them to the bottom line, and create the appearance of profitability and beating earnings that they had not, in fact, rightfully achieved.

John Emshwiller: Ben Glisan was Enron's former treasurer. He was one of the first execs to plead guilty to one fraud count and was already serving a five year sentence. But unlike some of his former colleagues, Glisan didn't reach a deal with the government. As prosecutor or Kathryn Ruemmler puts it.

Daniel Petrocelli: He was not in any way distancing himself from the transactions and claims the government was challenging. To the contrary, his defense was he was fully knowledgeable about them, and there was nothing wrong with them.

Ken Lay: I think the worst mistake was, in fact, entrusting somebody in the Chief Financial Officer's job that indeed decided to use that position for his own self enrichment. But again, that's 20/20 hindsight. I knew nothing at the time that would even get any suspicion of what was going on. I was not Chief Financial Officer. I was not Chief Accounting Officer. I'm not Chief Risk Officer. I was not General Counsel. There are a lot of things I was not.

Adam Gershowitz: I remember listening to that and thinking, oh my goodness, what a terrible thing to have said under these circumstances. You're in an industry where following the accounting rules makes a big difference, to turn to a jury and basically say the rules are or not that important was just a foolish thing to say. Not a kind of thing that's going to resonate with normal people, right? And so I was sort of shocked that that came out of his mouth.

John Hueston: And what I was able to then build was a record over the cross of a day that he had other lines of credit available, and in fact, other stock accounts. But each time he chose instead to sell Enron stock, all the time not telling anyone in the public that he was doing so.

John Emshwiller: In the end, they convicted Ken Lay of fraud and conspiracy, all six counts. In a separate trial in front of the judge but not the jury, Lay was also found guilty of four counts of bank fraud.Jeff Skilling faced more than two dozen charges. He was found guilty of fraud, false statements, insider trading, and conspiracy, 19 counts in all.I remember Lay and Skilling supporters crying out when the verdicts started being read. Soon after, Lay with family and friends gathered in a corner of the courtroom to pray. A local pastor and Lay supporter invoked the story of Jesus and how he was "convicted and even executed." Quite a comparison.The judge set a $5 million bond for Lay, ordering him to surrender his passport. Skilling had a similar bond already in place. At a press conference after the verdict, Lay said.

Conny spots the mysterious Titan, but Mikasa points out that it is not like other Titans. The Titan approaches another Titan and they both exchange loud roars. To the group's shock, the mysterious Titan raises its fists and prepares for combat. The other Titan bellows and charges, but the mysterious Titan throws a punch to the side at the Titan's neck, beheading it and sending the disembodied head careening into a bell tower. The force of the punch is shown to have peeled some of the flesh of the Titan's fingers that it easily heals before continuing on its rampage. Armin points out its lack of interest in them and Mikasa makes note of its combat abilities. Focusing back onto the problem at hand, Armin trades his nearly full gas canister with Mikasa's and gives her his compliment of blades.

She realizes that in her own remorse at learning of Eren's death, she endangered the lives of the other cadets by having them follow her. Moreover, she gave up on life when they were counting on her. As Armin is about to leave himself behind with a single broken blade to commit suicide with, Mikasa takes the small blade and flings it off the roof, promising Armin that he will not be left behind. Mikasa then recalls the moment of the mysterious Titan's appearance and states that even though she was initially confused, the sight of the Titan felt like the manifestation of mankind's anger.

Somewhere else at night (hopefully not too close to the sex tent), young Aemond seeks out the dragon Vhagar who has just lost its dragonrider in Laena. The boy makes a few tentative passes, but finally mounts the massive Vhagar. He barely survives the ride, which is more or less like joyriding a 747 while being crouched on the roof.

George R.R. Martin explained in a blog post on February 20, 2022, how the series was developed from conception to assigning specific scripts for the first season. In the early production phase, Martin himself collaborated with Ryan Condal on a pilot script for the first episode, but when the Long Night prequel pilot was suddenly rejected in October 2019, HBO greenlit a full first season for House of the Dragon - skipping the pilot stage entirely, surprising even Condal. In the early "brainstorming" stages outlining the series as a whole beyond the first season, Condal and Martin had a "mini writers room" with screenwriters Claire Kiechel, Wes Tooke, and Ti Mikkel. All three did contribute to ideas for the series as a whole, but Kiechel and Tooke departed for other projects before the writing process on specific Season 1 scripts began (thus they were not part of the "writers' room" roundtable meetings in Season 1). Ti Mikkel, however, is a writing assistant to Martin, and remained as part of the writers' room meetings for Season 1 itself (though she is not credited with writing a specific episode, Martin mentions her alongside the others as part of the Season 1 writing staff).

In his blog post, Martin listed that the Season 1 writers' room consisted of eight people: "Ryan Condal, Sara Hess, Gabe Fonseca, Ira Parker, Ti Mikkel, Charmaine DeGrate, Kevin Lau, and Eileen Shim". He also said that some of them have moved on to other unrelated projects and will not be returning for Season 2, though others do expect to return for a potential second season. Martin himself was also unable to contribute a specific full script to Season 1 due to his other writing commitments. Martin did confirm, however, that "I did co-create the series with Ryan and help give it its shape, and he and I have been in constant contact ever since". This is in contrast with the Long Night prequel series, which Martin later said HBO's (former) leadership picked and which he admitted he was barely involved with.[21]

The season had two filming units, named "Fire" and "Blood" after Fire & Blood, the prequel anthology book that the series is based on. Game of Thrones began with two major filming units: one designated as the "home unit" filming in the British Isles and another the "travel unit" which filmed in Mediterranean countries (plus Iceland at times). The travel unit had to face the difficulties of transport and on-location shoots, thus to balance the workload, most of the large battle scenes were filmed by the home unit. For House of the Dragon, "Fire unit" is the new home unit filming in England, while "Blood unit" is the travel unit that filmed in Spain and Portugal.

Several digital distribution platforms that offer TV shows for rental or purchase, including iTunes, Google Play and Amazon Instant Video, group Steven Universe episodes into "volumes" instead of the usual seasons, with two normal 11-minute episodes usually paired into one 22-minute "double episode" within each volume. (Hulu, as a subscription platform, generally goes by the regular seasons and episodes as shown above.) The first three volumes each consisted of thirteen double episodes; later volumes consist of ten "episodes" each, mostly double episodes but with double-length episodes and occasional single regular episodes each counted as a full "episode".

This first volume of Steven Universe is all about discovery. Steven is still an over-enthusiastic boy and more often than not, that gets in the way of his progress towards becoming a Gem. However, little by little, episode by episode he learns more about the Crystal Gems, their secrets, their history and the full extent of their powers.

Volume 7 begins with "Raising the Barn" and "Back to the Kindergarten". This volume also contains the rest of Season 5. The full episode of "Legs From Here to Homeworld" is only available for Season Pass holders on iTunes and Google Play.

The series was from the start intended as a Paramount+ exclusive, and several territories anywhere else in the world, most conspicuously the entirety of Europe, had to wait until a version of the streamer was rolled-out in their respective countries, before subscribers could officially (and legally) watch the series. In Europe's case this meant a delay of the series' first season debut by a time-span, ranging from a couple of weeks for the British Isles, mainland Scandinavia and Italy, to up to a half year and longer for the rest of mainland Europe. (see: main article) 041b061a72


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