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[EXCLUSIVE] Efface Facebook Bot €? A New Way Of Social Engagements

The imperative of self-exploitation strikes everyone unevenly. It's conditioned by gender and race and class and social capital and innumerable other things that would be impossible to totalize. The sort of attention we can seek, let alone attract, is not an entirely autonomous choice. What is available, how far we can go, is highly conditioned by where we are already situated. Rewards and punishments are just as variable, despite the deceptive uniformity of identity templates on social-media platforms. Social media systematically efface the distinctions between forms of attention, positing it as uniformly positive and thus universally desirable. They do a poor job of allowing us to calibrate our exposure, which is always theoretically infinite despite whatever temporary barrier privacy settings erect. Their entire logic militates against it.

[EXCLUSIVE] Efface Facebook Bot – A New Way of Social Engagements

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