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__FULL__ Download Bingkai Untuk Microsoft Word 2007 18

the date of birth grid in a survey block lets you record a date using the calendar on a specific grid. when you click the calendar, the selected grid is highlighted in blue. you can select a date in the calendar from the list of past dates. when you click the date, youll see a box with that date written out in the grid.

Download Bingkai Untuk Microsoft Word 2007 18

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stickers are small graphics that you can put on the side of a screen in a survey block. stickers have a question bubble, and the text of the question appears above it. you can choose from the predefined stickers in the insert ribbon, or you can create your own. you also have the option of adding an x button next to the question, which, when clicked, will remove the question from the survey. (the x button also serves as a marker; when you come back later to collect this block of data in word, you can click the x button to toggle back to that question.)

there are a few places in the survey results window where youll see survey tables. you can rearrange them by clicking and dragging the table frames. when you do so, one of the sidebars will slide out or in. you can also hide or show the table frames in the main body of the survey results window.

using the drawing tool, you can create a drawing that shows the route for the interview. you can click and drag to draw the course and then delete the part that you dont need. then you can change or move the road, if necessary.

this section is designed to help you plan the design of the survey. the questions you choose and the places where you put them are called the questionnaire the framework for an entire data collection event. there are six survey blocks in this module.


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