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Project IGI PC Game By ~!!!Midnitestar!!!~ Repack: Everything You Need To Know About This Repack Version Of The 2000 Hit Game

Project IGI PC Game By !!!Midnitestar!!! Repack


If you are a fan of stealth action games, you might have heard of Project IGI, a classic game that was released in 2000. Project IGI stands for Project I'm Going In, and it is a first-person shooter game that puts you in the role of David Jones, a former SAS soldier who works as a freelance operative for the Institute for Geotactical Intelligence (IGI).

Project IGI PC Game By ~!!!Midnitestar!!!~ Repack

In this game, you will have to infiltrate various enemy bases and complete different objectives, such as stealing documents, sabotaging equipment, rescuing hostages, and eliminating targets. You will have to use your skills and tactics to avoid detection and survive against the odds. You will also have access to a variety of weapons and gadgets, such as pistols, rifles, grenades, binoculars, and thermal goggles.

Project IGI is a game that has received mixed reviews from critics and players. Some praised its realistic graphics, sound effects, and gameplay mechanics, while others criticized its lack of save points, multiplayer mode, and difficulty level. However, Project IGI has gained a cult following among gamers who appreciate its challenging and immersive gameplay.

If you are one of those gamers who want to experience Project IGI again or for the first time, you might be interested in Project IGI PC Game By !!!Midnitestar!!! Repack. This is a repack version of the game that has been modified and optimized by !!!Midnitestar!!!, a user who uploads repacked games on various websites. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about this repack version of Project IGI, including its features, how to download and install it, and how to play it.

What is Project IGI?

Project IGI is a stealth action game that was developed by Innerloop Studios and published by Eidos Interactive in 2000. It is one of the first games to use a proprietary 3D engine that supports hardware acceleration and realistic physics. The game has 14 missions that take place in various locations around the world, such as Russia, Romania, Libya, and China.

The story of Project IGI follows David Jones, a former SAS soldier who works as a freelance operative for the Institute for Geotactical Intelligence (IGI). He is hired by his former commander, Robert Quest, to stop a rogue Russian general named Zaleb Kamalov from acquiring nuclear warheads. Along the way, he will encounter various enemies and allies, such as Anya Romanova, an IGI agent who assists him via radio; Jach Priboi, a Russian arms dealer who has information about Kamalov; Josef Priboi, Jach's nephew who is also involved in the nuclear deal; Ekk, a mysterious woman who leads a group of mercenaries; and Phillip White, an undercover CIA agent who works with Jones.

The gameplay of Project IGI is based on stealth and tactics. The player has to use the environment and their equipment to avoid or neutralize enemies. The game features realistic elements such as bullet penetration, sound propagation, weather effects, and enemy AI. The player can also use vehicles such as trucks, jeeps, tanks, helicopters, and snowmobiles to travel across the large maps. However, the game also has some limitations such as no save points during missions (only at the beginning), no multiplayer mode (only single-player), no health regeneration (only medikits), and no crosshair (only iron sights).

Why should you play Project IGI?

Project IGI is a game that offers a unique and challenging gameplay experience that is different from most other first-person shooter games. Here are some reasons why you should play Project IGI:

  • It has a captivating story that keeps you engaged throughout the game.

  • It has realistic graphics and sound effects that create an immersive atmosphere.

  • It has varied missions that require different strategies and skills.

  • It has a wide range of weapons and gadgets that suit different situations.

  • It has large maps that allow for exploration and experimentation.

  • It has a high difficulty level that tests your patience and perseverance.

If you are looking for a game that will challenge your stealth and shooting skills while providing an exciting adventure, Project IGI is the game for you.

What are the features of Project IGI PC Game By !!!Midnitestar!!! Repack?

Project IGI PC Game By !!!Midnitestar!!! Repack is a repack version of the original Project IGI game that has been modified and optimized by !!!Midnitestar!!!, a user who uploads repacked games on various websites. This repack version has some features that make it different from the original version. Here are some of them:

  • It has a smaller size than the original version (only 229 MB instead of 1.37 GB).

  • It has faster installation time than the original version (only 5 minutes instead of 15 minutes).

  • It has better compatibility than the original version (works on Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10).

  • It has improved graphics than the original version (supports widescreen resolution up to 1920x1080).

  • It has added features than the original version (such as unlimited saves during missions).

If you want to play Project IGI with better performance and convenience, Project IGI PC Game By !!!Midnitestar!!! Repack is the version for you.

How to download and install Project IGI PC Game By !!!Midnitestar!!! Repack?


Before you download and install Project IGI PC Game By !!!Midnitestar!!! Repack, you need to make sure that your PC meets the minimum requirements for running the game. Here are the minimum requirements:

CPUPentium II 300 MHz or equivalent


GPU8 MB DirectX 8.1 compatible video card

HDD500 MB free space

OSWindows XP/Vista/7/8/10

SOUNDDirectX 8.1 compatible sound card

MISCKeyboard and mouse

If your PC meets these requirements or exceeds them, you can proceed to download and install the game.

Download links

To download Project IGI PC Game By !!!Midnitestar!!! Repack, you need to visit one of these websites where !!!Midnitestar!!! uploads his repacked games:

  • Skidrow Reloaded

  • FitGirl Repacks

  • Ocean Of Games

  • IGG Games

  • ApunKaGames

You can choose any website that suits your preference or availability. Once you visit one of these websites, you need to search for "Project IGI PC Game By !!!Midnitestar!!! Repack" in their search bar or browse their categories until you find it. Then you need to click on the download link or button that will redirect you to another website where you can download the game file.

Installation steps

After you download the game file, you need to install Project IGI PC Game By !!!Midnitestar!!! Repack on your PC. Here are the steps to install the game:

  • Extract the game file using a software like WinRAR or 7-Zip. You will get a folder named "Project IGI PC Game By !!!Midnitestar!!! Repack".

  • Open the folder and run the setup.exe file as administrator. You will see a window that will guide you through the installation process.

  • Choose the destination folder where you want to install the game. The default folder is "C:\Program Files (x86)\Project IGI PC Game By !!!Midnitestar!!! Repack". You can change it if you want.

  • Click on the install button and wait for the installation to finish. It will take about 5 minutes.

  • After the installation is done, you will see a shortcut icon on your desktop named "Project IGI PC Game By !!!Midnitestar!!! Repack". Double-click on it to launch the game.

Congratulations! You have successfully installed Project IGI PC Game By !!!Midnitestar!!! Repack on your PC. You can now enjoy playing the game.

How to play Project IGI PC Game By !!!Midnitestar!!! Repack?

Gameplay tips

Project IGI PC Game By !!!Midnitestar!!! Repack is a stealth action game that requires skill and strategy to complete. Here are some gameplay tips that will help you play the game better:

  • Use your binoculars and thermal goggles to scout the area and locate enemies and objectives.

  • Use your map and compass to navigate and plan your route.

  • Use stealth and cover to avoid detection and alarms.

  • Use silenced weapons and headshots to eliminate enemies quietly.

  • Use grenades and explosives to create diversions and destroy enemy equipment.

  • Use vehicles to travel faster and run over enemies.

  • Use medikits to heal yourself when injured.

  • Use save points to save your progress during missions.

By following these tips, you will be able to complete the missions more easily and efficiently.

Keyboard controls

Project IGI PC Game By !!!Midnitestar!!! Repack uses the keyboard and mouse as the main input devices. Here are the keyboard controls for the game:


Move forwardW or Up arrow

Move backwardS or Down arrow

Strafe leftA or Left arrow

Strafe rightD or Right arrow


Lie downX


Aim/Zoom inZ

Aim/Zoom outX

Fire weaponLeft mouse button

Select weapon 1 (pistol)F1 or 1

Select weapon 2 (rifle)F2 or 2

Select weapon 3 (grenade)F3 or 3

Select weapon 4 (knife)F4 or 4

Select weapon 5 (binoculars)F5 or 5

Reload weaponR

Use itemE

Drop itemG

Enter/Exit vehicleF

Toggle mapM

Toggle compassN

Toggle objectivesO

Toggle messagesL

Pause gameP or Esc

Save gameF9

Load gameF10

You can also customize the keyboard controls by going to the options menu and selecting the controls tab. You can change the key bindings for any action according to your preference.

Cheats and codes

Project IGI PC Game By !!!Midnitestar!!! Repack also has some cheats and codes that you can use to make the game easier or more fun. Here are some of them:

  • To enable cheats, you need to edit the game files. Go to the game folder and open the file named "ai" with a text editor. Then add these lines at the end of the file:

igi_trainer true allguns 1 easy_cheat 1

  • Save the file and run the game. You can now use these cheat keys during the game:

Cheat keyEffect

F11Toggle unlimited ammo

F12Toggle unlimited health

Shift + CToggle walk through walls

Shift + XTeleport to where you point your crosshair

>Q: Where can I find more repacked games by !!!Midnitestar!!!?

  • A: You can find more repacked games by !!!Midnitestar!!! on the websites that we mentioned earlier, such as Skidrow Reloaded, FitGirl Repacks, Ocean Of Games, IGG Games, and ApunKaGames. You can also follow !!!Midnitestar!!! on his social media accounts to get updates on his latest repacks.

  • Q: How can I support !!!Midnitestar!!! for his repacks?

  • A: You can support !!!Midnitestar!!! for his repacks by donating to him via PayPal or Patreon. You can also leave positive feedback and comments on his repacks and share them with your friends.

  • Q: How can I contact !!!Midnitestar!!! for any questions or issues regarding his repacks?

  • Q: What are some other stealth action games that are similar to Project IGI?

  • A: Some other stealth action games that are similar to Project IGI are Hitman, Splinter Cell, Metal Gear Solid, Deus Ex, and Thief.


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