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Comedians VERIFIED

Aims: To test the hypothesis that comedians would resemble other creative individuals in showing a higher level of psychotic characteristics related to both schizophrenia and manic depression.


Method: A group of comedians (n = 500+) and a control sample of actors (n = 350+) completed an online questionnaire containing the short version of the Oxford-Liverpool Inventory of Feelings and Experiences (O-LIFE), with scales measuring four dimensions of psychotic traits. Scores were compared with general population norms.

Results: Comedians scored significantly above O-LIFE norms on all four scales. Actors also differed from the norms but on only three of the scales. Most striking was the comedians' high score on both introverted anhedonia and extraverted impulsiveness.

Thankfully, there are people much better at telling science jokes than me. Professional comedians, turning out joke after joke about physics, biology, and even research methodology. Yes. Take this one from comedian Xiang Wang about a common problem with medical research.

IRA FLATOW: That is funny. Here with me now to talk about their work as comedians with a nerdy twist are my guests. Kasha Patel, science journalist and stand-up comedian, and founder of DC Science Comedy in Washington DC. Chuck Nice, 20 year veteran of stand-up up comedy and co-host of StarTalk with Neil deGrasse Tyson. And our very own Kyle Marin Viterbo, community manager at Science Friday and creator of the Symposium, academic stand-up, NYC.

We know all about the comedians and the cars, but what about the coffee? Here, the comedy legend lets us inside his very caffeinated life, from his hatred of PSLs to that time Starbucks passed on his Netflix show.

Seth Rogen made a brief intervention into the so-called culture wars Tuesday during an interview on "Good Morning Britain," where he said he doesn't understand why some comedians complain about cancel culture when they face criticism for past jokes.

He added: "To me when I see comedians complaining about this kind of thing, I don't understand what they're complaining about. If you've made a joke that's aged terribly, accept it. And if you don't think it's aged terribly, then say that."

Comedy Central isn't the only place to find some great, clean stand-up comedians. With our impressive roster of clean stand-up comedians, you won't have to look far to find some family-friendly comedians the entire family can enjoy.

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Loose-limbed and charming, this informal talk show is too, well, talky to appeal to younger viewers but a great treat for fans of funny folks. Most of the passengers are known for making you laugh, not for revealing their inner lives, and it's delightful to listen to Tina Fey explaining the gross-chore breakdown at her house (her husband handles kid vomit, she's on poop duty) or Louis CK discussing his stealth maneuver for going to 3-D movies after smoking pot. Mature teens should be able to handle the sometimes grown-up content, and it could be a fun family watch. It's well-known that Seinfeld is a super-rich guy who can do pretty much what he wants to do; it's interesting that it entails driving slowly around town having conversations with comedians -- interesting for him, interesting for us.

Both the comedians and Word Collections moved to dismiss the counterclaims. At the same time the court was adding Black and Lopez to the case, it also conducted a hearing on those motions, but has not yet issued a decision. The court also has given the parties approximately a year to engage in fact discovery. The case has the potential to change the entire system by which non-musical content is broadcasted and streamed over the internet, so the TMCA will be closely watching.

Stuart surprised Cho and Mule Deer backstage during a Facebook Live interview while discussing the long history of comedy on the Opry. Each comedian has played the Opry more than 100 times and will be the first comedians inducted as members of the Opry since comedian Jerry Clower became an Opry member 49 years ago.

Being a stand-up comedian is a very tough job. Standing in front of people is never easy, but standing in front of people who judge everything you say and expect to laugh every few seconds is much harder. We are used to hearing about famous, successful comedians such as Chris Rock, Jerry Seinfeld and Sarah Silverman, but there are thousands of other comedians in various stages of their career and many thousands more of aspiring and amateur comedians which most likely never reach the success or fame they wish for.

As someone focusing on humor research, I find stand-up comedy fascinating. I wanted to know more about the business and especially about the comedians themselves. What motivates them to become comedians? Do they have unique personalities? Are they more intelligent than ordinary people? What are the daily lives of comedians like? Unfortunately, there are very few studies that have investigated the life of comedians, maybe because they are considered non-serious people to study. For some reason, there is much more research on other artistic and creative groups such as writers, poets, musicians, actors and dancers - all very serious people! My research on comedians was the first scientific study on that group in 30 years! I tried exploring the uniqueness of stand-up comedians, and in the upcoming posts I would like to share some of the findings and insights about comedians and comedy that I have explored in my research.

Comedians come in all forms and shapes. There is no formal education or specific course work you need to take in order to become a comedian, and I have met comedians that were high school dropouts on one hand, and others that hold a PhD degree on the other. Their level of formal education tells us nothing about how good they are as comedians.

There are different levels of comedians. If you are an aspiring comedian you might want to submit a video of your act to a local comedy club. Most clubs hold amateur nights where basically anyone can come and perform on stage for 2-3 minutes. If you are good, you might be invited to become an opener for a show. An opener performs the first act that usually lasts between 10-15 minutes. He or she also serves as the emcee for the evening. These are comedians in the early stages of their career, and they usually receive very little compensation, if any. If you are good as an opener (and that might take several years to master), you could advance to the next level and become the feature guy. These are experienced comedians that have been in the business for several years, and their act is usually about half an hour. The next level is the headliner, the guy that is advertised in all the billboards by the club prior to the show. He or she performs between an hour to an hour and a half. It might take 15-20 years to become a headliner, and most comedians will not reach that level of success. But if you become one, you are at the pinnacle of the comedy profession (as far as comedy clubs, at least).

Oh, and did I mention the extensive travel involved? To succeed in the business you must travel a lot. It is one thing to be funny in front of your friends or at a friendly club where everyone knows you, but it is a different thing to go on the road and perform in front of new crowds that have never heard of you and have a completely different demographic. For example, older and more traditional audiences can have completely different tastes than young and liberal ones. Great comedians will know to adjust and succeed almost everywhere, but this takes time and experience. Many comedians will travel between 40-50 weeks a year, usually performing Thursday to Sunday (staying often at a not so pleasant condo owned by the club to save money). These half week at home, half week on the road schedules make it very difficult to sustain a home life or another job. And imagine how hard it is to maintain a steady relationship with so much traveling (though casual sex can be great. More on this later). You sometimes wonder why the hell people want to become a comedian in the first place!

There are no set educational standards for comedians. The overriding requirement is to be funny. Comedians should also have a love of performing and a strong desire to make people laugh. A comedian should obviously have good communication skills and be able to write material in a succinct and humorous manner. It is also necessary to have a strong stage presence. Often, budding comedians will take English and composition classes, as well as speech and acting courses, to help develop skills in these areas. Accounting and bookkeeping skills are also helpful, as comedians often prepare their own financial records. Marketing classes will come in handy because you'll need to be able to promote your talents on the Internet, including on social media sites. 041b061a72


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