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2. Ambush On The Sucrosi Road

Theobold hits a nat 20 to do a good bit of damage then action surges and casts Compelled Duel with his sword, Battlepop the Broadsicle, to force the Captain of the attackers (who rolls a Nat 1 save) to 1v1 him to take some heat off of the king.

2. Ambush On the Sucrosi Road

  • Fantasy High Episode 4: Street Race to the Death As per usual for car chase scenes, this episode is full of awesome moments: Fig, as she drives at 85 miles per hour, thinks on her feet and uses her Sleep spell to put 2 of Johnny Spell's lackeys which causes them to crash, gruesomely killing one, badly injuring the other, and almost causing Johnny Spells to crash as well.

  • A cool moment for one of the villains: Crow Bar, after colliding with the Cubby's car, goes flying, but manages to land perfectly on the back of the car, then dodges three attacks from the Bad Kids. It's severely undercut by the very uncool way he speaks. Crow Bar: Ooh, little man wants to rumble! Fabian: Shut the fuck up!

  • As the Bad Kids are followed on the highway by Johnny Spells, two options presents themselves to Fig. She decides to Take a Third Option and make a drifty u-turn to run over Johnny. It's immediately subverted when Fig fails completely and sends the car rolling, but it still kills the enemy on their car.

  • As the car is still rolling, Fabian, in quick succession, manages to make a sick Three-Point Landing when he comes out of the car, runs through another greaser as he rides past him, killing him instantly, and after a missed shot, hits Johnny in the back of the head, killing him and sending him flying on the road, badly mangled by the fall.

  • Broadway Brawl Sophie beating up Titania by doing a wuxia style flying attack and stunning her.

  • Following the above, Misty Moore finishing Titania off in the most humiliating way possible: by stealing her crown, using her own magic shoes to compel her still-stunned body to dance along to the last part of the finale song of the show she was trying to disrupt, then hitting her with a Vicious Mockery that deals just enough damage to finally kill her.

  • Stephen Sondheim being Fastball Special'd by bear!Kugrash, then Critting a pixie, snapping its neck. Using stage weights to float down then deliver a couplet from Hamlet is icing on the cake.

  • Tiny Heist Fighting With Fire Rick Diggins throws a bomb at Felix Flick's head in the hope of blowing him up. It doesn't work. Then, Ti sets off a flamethrower as the thieves make their escape. It is at that point that this happens:Justin: Hey! That didn't blow up the bomb? [Beat] Brennan: [mouth falls open in astonishment and joy] Griffin: YOOOOO.

  • Needless to say, the bomb goes off. Spectacularly.

  • The Great Chase In the very first round of the chase, Car-Go and Bean manage to wipe out two vehicles entirely, both worthy of note. Car-Go gets a natural 20 to slam into his nemesis Speed and knock him off the road to be crushed by Max.

  • Bean initially holds his action, and rather than stating what will trigger it, Griffin writes it down in secret to hand to Brennan for the sake of a dramatic reveal. Then when a vehicle gets too close he throws his banana robe, which he's been wearing since Episode 1, to send slipping off the bed.



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