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In 1897, Californian ornithologist and specimen collector RolloBeck joined an expedition to the Galapagos funded by wealthy and somewhateccentric Lord Walter Rothschild, who gathered animals, living and dead, fromall over the world at his museum on his estate in England. Roaming thegrounds were zebras, cassowaries, kangaroos, and kiwis, to name a few. In histeens, Rollo Beck had learned the art of animal preservation--that is,taxidermy--and had risen in the field, selling mounts to museums, making aname for himself as a collector of specimens. The purpose of the Galapagosexpedition was to collect giant tortoises for Rothschild, which he did. Oneof the subspecies of tortoises he found bears his name: Testudo becki. I comeacross a photo showing Rothschild, who was a husky six foot three, riding agiant tortoise, encouraging it with a bit of greens on a stick held out infront of its head; the tortoise apparently was an Aldabran tortoise, not aGalapagos tortoise.

A few moments before the whales arrived, we were simply touristson a boat enjoying the late afternoon light, but the whales have given us aview to see, and now we are whale watchers. We have something to do, to take,something, even, to take apart--framed, studied, static and preserved. I holdmy beer, watch the whales with all of my vision, the wide, peripheral worldsuddenly huge around me. Unfocused, I find whales surfacing all over, a flashof spout, then a black hump disappearing--the ocean again unknowable, capableof anything.

[00:15:43] It's at Akron. That too, they end up. Putting the ark, like with a cow that is pulling the ark, and they set the cow free and it turns and makes its way into the whole country. But we can see like this, we could trace the stories of Samson because Samson was constantly in conflict with the Philistines. And Samson, who grows up in this area right here, very close to Aaron, is constantly kind of making this circle through all of the pentathlon cities as as he's pushing around the the Phillips the Philistines. Okay. So we're going to move from Philistine territory and we're going to go a little bit south and we're going to pay attention to that east west connecting band that proves to be very valuable territory. And before we get there, I have to I have to point out to you that this term Negev, it means like to the south. So again, it's a perspective of people who are north who are going negative down in the South. There's different terminology from ancient times to modern day and modern day. If you go to Israel, they call the Negev everything from here all the way down to Eilat. All of it is the Negev. That is not the same as in biblical times, in biblical times, when the Bible talks about the Negev. It's talking about a really small area up here. We're going to hold on to that. We're going to spend more time there. In a moment, we're going to look at what I will call the greater Negev, this area. Although when you look at it, we do have a few cities that are marked on the maps. These cities are beyond the time of the Israelites. It's more like the NABU teens were able to settle in this area, this area by the time you get this far south, even though some areas of it are quite elevated, we're only working with about two inches of rain, which means you can't sustain life because there's nothing you can grow.

[00:40:14] Vipers and flying serpents. They carry their riches on the backs of young donkeys and their treasures on camels humps. And you just know, if you're living in the biblical Negev, this is what you're seeing all the time, the dangerous animals and then the animals that are just dripping with all the expensive product. One of the first times that we run into Abraham as he is in the biblical Negev, we get this really great story. It's an odd little bit of information. This is Ibrahim planted a tamarisk tree at two Be'er Sheva, and there he called on the name of the Lord, the everlasting God. So one of the first things Abraham does, it Beersheba, is not only does he have a well at Be'er Sheva, but he plants to tree. You that's interesting. And the fact that the biblical writer gives us the detail of a tamarisk tree is also very interesting. There's logic to this, and the logic comes from the fact of what the tamarisk tree is. So the branches look like this. It almost looks like a evergreen tree with little needles. And this is one of my favorite games when I go down for with groups of people is I'll pick like the little sections of the Tamara's tree and I'll just go round and tell and give people some of it and say, Hey, put this in your mouth. If they're university kids, they do it right away. If it's an adult group, they're usually very skeptical. Like, I'm not putting that in my mouth. It kind of depends. But what's interesting is when you put it in your mouth, it is very salty. So this tamarisk tree has all these salt crystals that are in these little branches of the tree. 041b061a72


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