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TPS - Brass Section Module VSTi

This is a free and fully functional virtual instrument. It can be used in various DAWs like Cubase, Logic, and GarageBand.The module was created for Brass Section players. It has been designed to play bass lines with the left hand and melodies with the right hand; we call it a "hybrid" configuration of a traditional french horn section player that mostly uses their left hand for playing bass lines.It features six types of sounds: French Horns, Bassoon, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone and Trumpet. It is a virtual instrument created by a professional musician, not a preset library. Each sound is processed through a unique set of algorithms which allow us to get a unique and particular sound of each horn section instrument.The structure of this brass section is based on the traditional french horn player's position: on the left side on the stand and on the right side on his/her knees, with their arms stretched out to play. We selected that position in order to minimize any physical limitation of this highly-trained musician player while maximizing their freedom and expression while playing their favorite songs. As we all know, we need some physical limitations in order to concentrate and follow our musical ideas more easily. By doing so, we have managed to perfectly configure the physical limitations of a real French Horn player who plays a "hybrid" configuration of his instrument. This module is a module trying to help a musician in the quest for freedom and expression when producing music. To do so, we developed algorithms able to mimic our own limitations. Any professional audio engineer or producer knows the importance of audio quality when it comes to audio processing; therefore, we've developed algorithms with no compromises on audio quality. We use only 32-bit floating point processing for audio calculations; this allows us to react very quickly without generating any kind of artifact that can happen while using fixed point calculation (which is typically used in many sound design software). Each sound has its own particular dynamic envelopes which give this module a great expressiveness while playing; it's like the player has his/her own style while playing.This feature is not included in any other free or commercial plugin because of the high computational complexity needed for this task. Therefore, only professional plugins like "Tps Brass Section" could include something like this. The use of lowpass filters for removing unwanted overtones allows us to get natural sound while playing this instrument with a sense of freedom. We have used a new type of spectrum analyser based on frequency modulation which gives us perfect visual feedback while playing. All this is possible thanks to a large set of algorithms which have been developed during more than three years of hard work. This module contains a unique set of algorithms for processing the sound. It's not just a collection of presets; instead, it has been carefully designed and tuned by professional musicians and audio engineers using specific physical limitations to control the behavior of the instrument, allowing it to integrate perfectly into any song. The use of "equal temperament" tuning ensures that this module is fully compatible with any song and any DAW.

TPS - Brass Section Module VSTi



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