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Being a member of the 5 AM Club and my thoughts on it.

I have recently been reading a lot of non-fiction books, and have been learning a lot. I have developed such passion for it and wholeheartedly wish to share it with the community, starting here.

I have started this journey with the teachings enclosed in the book ’The 5 AM Club’ by Robin Sharma. The reason I was able to develop this habit of reading books, acquiring new ideologies and knowledge is because of the 20/20/20 model, specifically learning and development quadrant discussed in this book.

Not only has this book changed the way I have been seeing my mornings, days and then cascading it into ideas and execution for my personal, professional and spiritual being, it has also given me a deep purpose to ‘serve people’ to the best of my ability. I am writing this post in conjunction to that meaning of life.

I was inclined to write about this today as I explored an extremely exciting, resourceful, uplifting and deeply serving conversation between the two people that I follow, Robin Himself and Jay Shetty, in Jay’s podcast Robin Sharma: ON How To Release Your Toxic Beliefs & Getting Back To Your Higher Nature, and I was deeply touched and inspired hearing these two people so passionately unfolding the ideologies in the book. It indeed had a deeper appeal on me having read the book already. The podcast summarises the aspects of the book, however the book’s premise of being a fable combining multiple emotional values, frameworks for habits and growth, antithetical definitions of success and meaning of life has a deeper impact on the reader. I therefore highly recommend this book to anyone aspiring reach a world-class, heart, health, mind and soul as Robin mentions.

Surprisingly, I came across this read before his most famous work, ’The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari’ and I can’t wait for it to be delivered soon and read it. I believe owning my mornings has helped me discover a deep, untouched, constantly evolving genius within me, and for that I thank the Author. I would be touched if I get to meet this soul one day.

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