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The sync of audience and art

I was once having a conversation with a friend, and she told me a concept if art that I was fascinated by, and it says that no matter what you do with art, no matter what you technique is, whether it’s perceived weird by some people, you always find an audience for it. I deeply related to that and understood that we as a society are more similar than different.

But we forget to recognise this speciality. We forget to recognise how much any individual gives to their art; the appreciation of granular effort, the strength to create something, and to be of value to the society through pouring their hearts out. How so? Because we have predetermined notions of what art is more respectable, fascinating or worse ‘cool’. Sad, isn’t it? Maybe it’s time to change this paradigm of thinking, to enable more people, carrying oceans of thoughts and ideas, to make this world a beautiful place.

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