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How Travel Changes You (Incomplete)

Updated: May 30, 2021

In my life, I aim to travel almost every possible place there is (as long as it's safe; I am somewhat terrified of the turmoil the recent world has been going into lmao). Nevertheless, travelling has a lot more purpose than just 'visiting the place' to click some Instagrammable pictures, having snapchat stories to be nostalgic about and trying to be a travel influencer. For me, each travel experience that I have had has added some value to my thoughts, behaviour, way of thought and personality. Below are some of the major ones I'd like to share with you all:

Semester abroad to the United States:

The American Dream and the way I have fancied it my whole life; the glamour, the blue chips, the lifestyle. The country is a statement itself. I still love and fancy the idea when I will get to visit this place after COVID19 (For the reasons mentioned in the beginning haha) but more as to what else this place has on the table for me.

I not only stayed in the US for half a year, I went to the most hype city there is; Los Angeles. Stayed at probably the biggest 'party' school; University of Southern California. Well, it was as great as it sounds. The city had a crazy entertainment and financial services industry,

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